Ask Doc

Jeff Clawson, M.D., and Brett Patterson Everyone,   I had an agency ask me if the Academy has a recommended process for transferring callers from one dispatch center to another, and if so, is there a minimum set of questions the answering point should ask prior to transferring the caller? Is this sort of thing safe?

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Watch Your Ps & Qs

Heidi DiGennero Ever had an open mike? Heard someone say something they really shouldn’t have said over the phone or radio? It’s probably recorded and now public record. Public record is subject to scrutiny to review by citizens, the media, and interested parties. Recordings can be released for play in court or by the media,

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Winnipeg – Pioneer in 999

During its first two years of operation, Winnipeg was credited with saving 11 lives due to its dedicated operators and efficient response of emergency services.

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