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Position: Executive Director
Reports to: SWRCC Board of Directors
Location: 267 Grant Street, Bridgeport CT, 06610
Hours: 40+/week
Deadline to apply: Monday, February 5, 2018

All applications must be made online at: https://southwestern-regional-communications-center.workable.com/jobs/637708

No telephone inquiries please.

Salary and Benefits: Salary is commensurate with the position. Other benefits provided include a company car, paid vacation, health insurance and a defined compensation program.

Summary of Position:
The Executive Director is the chief administrative and operating officer of the Southwestern Regional Communications Center (SWRCC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. He or she is responsible for the daily operation of the SWRCC, including personnel functions, staff scheduling, maintaining operations within an approved budget, invoicing, authorizing expenditures, reporting, quality assurance and ensuring the operation follows all contractual requirements, center policies and procedures.

Additionally, the Director facilitates communication with all municipalities, vendors, clients, state offices, local communication centers, medical facilities and the SWRCC Board of Directors. He or she will also work with the SWRCC Board of Directors to develop the strategic direction of the organization and then implements the tactical steps necessary to achieve the approved direction.

Position Measures:

  • Maintains operations within budget
  • Maintains appropriate staffing of the communications center
  • Maintains adequate staff training/certification for Telecommunicator, CPR, EMR
  • Meets/exceeds dispatch requirements for each municipal contract
  • Successfully resolves issues with any client, municipality, medical facility or employee
  • Achieves strategic goals established by the SWRCC Board of Directors

Detailed Requirements:

  • The Director shall be the chief administrative and operating officer of the Southwestern Regional Communications Center, reporting to the SWRCC Board of Directors.
  • The Director will be self-directed, self-motivated and possess excellent interpersonal skills which will be utilized in resolving and handle all issues with clients, contractors, municipalities, emergency services and SWRCC employees.
  • The Director will ensure the SWRCC is operated in accordance with all policies and procedures defined by the SWRCC Board of Directors, and also as required by contractual dispatch agreements, the Southwest EMS Council, local hospital policies and procedures, and in concert with industry “best practice” standards.
  • The Director shall utilize “sales” skills in soliciting additional municipal dispatch contracts, funds, grants and other revenues aligned with the strategic direction of the organization.
  • The Director will employ, supervise, discipline, and discharge such persons as are needed to perform the functions of the SWRCC consistent with the annual operating budget.
  • The Director shall be responsible for ensuring that all equipment owned and operated by the SWRCC is maintained and ready for service at all times.
  • The Director will maintain relationships with all federal, state, and local public safety agencies and their communications networks to ensure efficient day-to-day and disaster operations of the SWRCC.
  • The Director will establish and maintain all SWRCC records. In addition, the Director shall establish a system of meaningful statistical reports on activity of the SWRCC including but not limited to establishing and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • The Director will utilize appropriate business skills in managing SWRCC finances, developing contracts and handling vendors
  • The Director will authorize the expenditures of funds allowed in accordance with the annual budget approved by the Board of Directors.
  • The Director will prepare and submit an annual budget for the organization to the Finance Committee of the Board on or before July 15 of each calendar year.
  • The Director will maintain current technical knowledge of communications systems in use by SWRCC as well as those in use by other dispatch centers. The Director will also maintain familiarity with the technology and direction of the communication center industry.
  • The Director will attend and present reports at the monthly Board of Directors meetings. The Director will be responsible for maintaining all organizational records, including Board meeting minutes, agendas, organization/operation status reports, proposals, budget status, center statistics, and any other business as required.
  • The Director will maintain necessary certifications and the capability of working any position in the center should there be a need for assistance.
  • The Director will have 24x7x365 on-call responsibilities for center operational issues that require escalation. It is required that he or she should be on site within 1 hour under normal weather conditions.
  • The Director will be intimately familiar with all regional protocols and guidelines regarding the delivery of pre-hospital emergency care, with all hospital protocols and procedures for interfacing with pre-hospital care providers, and with fire service protocols as required to support dispatching contracts.
  • The Director will recommend improvements and necessary capital equipment to enable the SWRCC to perform its functions and make said improvements and capital expenditures when authorized-by the Board of Directors.
  • The Director will perform other such duties as required by the Board of Directors.

Desired Prior Experience / Knowledge:

  • Bachelors Degree (Preferred)
  • Pre-hospital care experience and current certification at the EMR or higher level State of Connecticut (if out of State license, seek and achieve reciprocity within 6 months of hire)
  • Telecommunicator certification (Preferred)
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certification – Priority Dispatch (Preferred)
  • Business leadership experience demonstrated through previously held positions
  • Knowledge of communications systems technology and function
  • Knowledge and understanding of personnel management practices
  • Knowledge of the workings of government and the ability to relate in a professional manner with government officials
  • Knowledge of the component parts of the emergency services system and the ability to relate in a professional manner to the providers of said service(s)
  • 911 Dispatch Center Management Experience (Required)
  • Fire Service Dispatch experience (Preferred)
  • Police Service Dispatch experience (Preferred)
  • Computer skills: including Microsoft Office, CAD systems, Quicken and networking
  • NENA-ENP (Emergency Number Professional Certified) (Preferred)
  • Communications Center Manager Training (Preferred)
  • Experience with Accreditation (NENA or APCO or IAED, CALEA) (Preferred)
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement (Required)
  • Proven Record of Policy, Procedure Development and Maintenance (Required)
  • Customer Service Management Experience (Required)
  • PMP (Project Manager Professional) (Preferred)

About Southwestern Regional Communications Center

SWRCC, founded in 1983, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides telecommunication services to municipal fire, police and EMS services as well as hospitals in the Southwestern portion of Connecticut. SWRCC provides these services under designation by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services, and Section 19a-182 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

Some of the services that SWRCC provides its clients include:

  • A direct “in the field” communication link between first responders in the field and hospital emergency departments for medical control/direction. This includes activation of specialized hospital surgical and medical teams (Trauma and Burn units).
  • Maintaining recordings of all radio and telephone transmissions pertinent to emergency medical care documentation and support of EMS Providers.
  • Coordinating EMS responses for hospital diversions, including making alert notifications, updates and tracking.
  • Coordinating mutual aid provision throughout the region.
  • Maintaining single source communication infrastructure for interoperability of regional and state EMS and Fire assets.
  • Providing communications coordination for mass causality incidents and other major incidents.
  • Maintaining backup radio frequencies in the event of radio system failures.
  • Coordinating, tracking and maintaining independent records for every medical call response (required for state EMS reporting and municipal audits).
  • Coordinating the forward movement of patients in the event of a major incident or hospital evacuation.
  • Providing daily, weekly and monthly reports as requested.
  • Coordinating local health department activation plans.
  • Notifying and coordinating with Hazmat Teams and regional Fire Task Forces.
  • Determining jurisdiction of accidents on I-95, Rt. 25, Rt. 8 and Rt. 15 for the Connecticut State Police.
  • Monitoring state radio interoperability channels (ITAC, CSPERN, MTA and other regional frequencies) as the primary resource for state assets.
  • Providing Cross Patching for EMS, Fire and Police services to all regional Hospitals.

Currently, SWRCC provides services to these cities and towns in southwestern Connecticut:

Town Services Provided
Bridgeport CMED Services
Darien CMED Services, EMS Dispatch, Fire Dispatch
Easton CMED Services, EMD Pre-Arrival, EMS text paging
Fairfield CMED Services
Greenwich CMED Services
Milford CMED Services
Monroe CMED Services, EMS Dispatch, Fire Dispatch
New Canaan CMED Services, EMS Dispatch
Norwalk CMED Services
Shelton CMED Services, EMS Dispatch
Stamford CMED Services
Stratford CMED Services
Trumbull CMED Services, EMS Dispatch, Fire Dispatch
Weston CMED Services, EMD Pre-Arrival
Westport CMED Services
Wilton CMED Services, EMS Dispatch

In addition, SWRCC provides communications to the six area hospitals:
Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, St. Vincent’s and Milford.

In 2017, SWRCC dispatched approximately 100,000 combined service calls.

SWRCC receives the majority of its funding from its municipal clients, but also receives substantial funding from the State of Connecticut as well as individual, foundation and corporate charitable donors.

SWRCC is managed by an Executive Director, who is the Chief Administrative and Operating Officer of the organization. SWRCC’s Executive Director reports to the SWRCC Board of Directors, all of whom serve as appointed representatives from the municipalities that SWRCC serves. Most SWRCC Board Members are Police, Fire or EMS Chiefs for their respective cities and towns, and as such provide and ensure excellent oversight and coordination between SWRCC and its customers.

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